New drugs for Neuropathic Pain badly needed!

In Pain Medicine News of 2017 an analysis is presented of many recent meta-analysis and studies to evaluate our current painkillers in neuropathic pain. The result is actually shocking, as we need to conclude that in this field not much progress exists, and old drugs are only borderline effective. The title of the analysis is telling: ‘Evidence Lacking for Current Pharmacologic Treatment of Neuropathic Pain’

We quote from this important review: “When we examine the published recommendations on neuropathic pain, we end up with a consensus statement without a strong evidentiary basis,” according to one of the reviewers, Dr. Rosenquist. He also states: “Further guidance regarding appropriate patient selection and drug and dose strategies is needed to improve management with current drugs. If we’re really going to make a difference for our patients going forward, new drug development to treat these conditions with greater reliability and a smaller side-effect profile is urgently needed.”

This is exactly the field in which Topical Innovations is working. Exploring individualized medicine in the field of neuropathic pain and developing tailor-made solutions for patients based on topical formulations of the unique compound and painkiller phenytoin.