Phentytoin cream finds its way into state of the art review

In the authorative Journal ‘Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy’, Prof. Terence J. Coderre wrote an impressive overview on topical drug therapy for neuropathic pain.

Dr. Coderre is a Harold Griffith Professor in Anesthesia Research at McGill University. He is also the director of pain research laboratories in the Anesthesia Research Unit and at the MUHC Research Institute, and a member of the McGill Centre for Research on Pain.

His expert opinion is that current topical therapeutics for neuropathic pain rely too heavily on the use of local anesthetics and capsaicinoids. He pleads for more research on topical therapies that are multimodal and/or are targeted at the peripheral sources of pathology.

Our phenytoin cream was also referred to in his review, and he mentioned topical 5–10% phenytoin pointing out that it has recently been found to be effective at reducing NP in a case series of 70 patients. He also pointed out the relevance of combinations, such as phenytoin + baclofen or ketamine and other multi-drug combinations.

This is an important milestone in the start of our phenytoin project, to be referred to in an important up-to-date review.


Terence J. Coderre (2018): Topical drug therapeutics for neuropathic pain, Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy, DOI: 10.1080/14656566.2018.1501026