Phenytoin cream at The EFIC 2018 Pain School Bergamo

The Pain Schools such as the upcoming Pain School at Bergamo, Italy, October 2018, are courses aimed at young (preferably under 45 years) European medical doctors and allied health professionals who are interested in further developing their knowledge and expertise in the field of pain management.

The courses run for 4-5 days and include an evidence-based approach to the assessment, diagnosis and comprehensive management of patients with chronic pain.

At the 10th EFIC BERGAMO PAIN SCHOOL IN: “NEUROPHATIC PAIN” 8th – 11th October 2018 on WEDNESDAY, 10th October, Professor Keppel Hesselink will present a talk on

‘Topical innovation in the treatment of localized peripheral neuropathic pain: the case of phenytoin. The intimate relation between pathogenesis and mechanism of action’. Program can be found here.