Presentation of new phenytoin cream data at NeuPSIG 2017

Topical Innovations had the opportunity to share newest clinical findings on the role of topical phenytoin in neuropathic pain, at a workshop at the NeuPSIG 2017, June 15th, at Gothenburg, Sweden. The session was related to the sodium channel as a new target for neuropathic pain: ‘Testing sodium channel function in neuropathic pain’.

From January 2017 until June 2017 4.5 kilo of phenytoin 5% cream (corresponding to 150 tubes of 30 grams) and 26 kilo of phenytoin 10% cream (corresponding to 866 tubes of 30 gram) are compounded by the Dutch pharmacists related to the Institute of Neuropathic Pain, and sent to patients for the treatment of neuropathic pain (see graph).
Furthermore, more than 200 patients have used these phenytoin creams to date (see table).
Many of them have re-ordered the analgesic cream, indicating their satisfaction. Serious adverse events have not been reported.

Furthermore, Topical Innovations has thoroughly documented data on 40 patients using the analgesic cream with positive results.


Topical cream Prescriptions Patients
Phenytoin 10% 247 147
Phenytoin 5% 76 51
Phenytoin 5%/Baclofen 5% 18 9