Presenting phenytoin cream on EFIC 2017 Copenhagen

Andrea Truini had a very interesting presentation at the EFIC 2017 pain conference in Copenhagen. The title of his talk was PAINFUL NEUROPATHIES. HOW NEUROPHYSIOLOGICAL TESTING AND SKIN BIOPSY HELP IN DIAGNOSING AND IDENTIFYING NEUROPATHIC PAIN. This presentation was a part of the workshop: NEUROPATHIC PAIN. CAN WE PREDICT AND PREVENT NEUROPATHIC PAIN?

One of the results of his studies was that in skin biopsies that sprouting of nerves in the periphery corresponds with more spontaneous burning pain. The sprouting of the nerves was captured with the clonal anti-body GAP45. This technique could get more insight in the pathophysiology of peripheral neuropathic pain.

David Kopsky, one of the inventors of the phenytoin cream shared the single blind response test with phenytoin 10% cream and placebo cream. The placebo cream will be applied on one pain area, and phenytoin 10% cream on an other pain area (e.g. left and right foot). Responders can indentify pain reduction in the area where the phenytoin 10% cream is applied. This new fast technique in revealing responders, is very valuable to prescribe phenytoin 10% cream to only responders.