Topical Analgesia Information welcomed at 3rd Eastern-European Pain Congress: 7−9 June 2018, Kiev, Ukraine

The topic ‘topical analgesics’ was hot during the at 3rd Eastern-European Pain Congress 2018, in Kiev, Ukraine. On 2 days (7th and 8th June) topics related to topical analgesia were presented, amongst others by Dr Roberto Casale, who focused on lidocaine plaster experiences and mechanisms of action, by Prof. dr. Jan M. Keppel Hesselink who presented a review on the use of topical ketamine, baclofen, clonidine, amitriptyline and phenytoin based on the 8 years’ experience gathered at the Institute for Neuropathic Pain and by David Kopsky, MD, who presented the innovative single and double blind cross-over n=1 response tests. One of the leading pain physicians from Germany made a remark that topical analgesia making use of repositioned drugs such as phenytoin is the best news in the field of chronic pain treatment since the introduction of pregabalin. During the discussions, many attentive colleagues asked specific questions on the practicalities of the use of the creams, and clearly it was pointed out that there is a great need for such innovations, the more so as there are only few new approaches without troublesome adverse events.