Topical Creams presented at IASP 17th World Congress Pain 2018 in Boston

Refresher Courses are pre-Congress sessions offering delegates the opportunity to learn up-to-date information and renew knowledge on an array of topics deemed critical to the field of pain study and treatment.

There are Refresher Courses presented at Boston on various topics, one of those topics is ‘Clinical Pharmacology of Drugs used to manage Pain.’

Topics presented at that Course are:

  1. Topical Agents for Acute and Chronic Pain
  2. Non-Opioids: Current and Emerging Therapies
  3. Intrathecal Agents

The first topic will be presented by Professor Jan M. Keppel Hesselink, who will discuss the most recent developments in this field.

A related topic will cover opioid therapy for chronic pain, related to the global scenario of opioid Induced disorder, risks and benefits of prescription opioids for chronic pain, patient selection for opioid therapy, how can we prevent these disorders and the discussion on the practice of safe opioid use and chronic opioid therapy discontinuation: focusing on the Who, Why, and How.

The topic on geriatric pain will cover:

  • Age Differences in Nociception
  • Adverse Drug Reactions in the Elderly: Prevention and Treatment, and
  • Therapeutic Options

In the everyday practice, we have been able to hear from patients that after using topical phenytoin cream some could taper down opioids and/or other oral analgesics, and elderly patients noticed an improvement of their quality of life. All relevant findings related to the facts presented at the Boston meeting from the IASP.