Our expertise

The founders of Topical Innovations are two medical doctors who work as pain physicians since more than a decade. They work together in a network of Dutch and international pain physicians.

JMKH is a professor in molecular pharmacology and a consultant for the pharmaceutical industry and for life science investors since more than 20 years. 

DJK is a pain physician with expertise in the field of neuropathic pain and rehabilitation medicine since more than a decade.

Together they founded the Institute for Neuropathic Pain in 2008, a tertiary referral center for neuropathic pain patients. Patients and physicians from all over the world are consulting the Institute for Neuropathic Pain, to achieve the optimal treatment in case of complicated patients.

Topical Innovations currently explores partnering with a pharmaceutical developer to reach worldwide marketing of our topical formulations.

Drug Repositioning Expertise

Drug repositioning in the field of CNS disorders started to become a HOT issue since the beginning of this decade. Drugs previously developed in neurology, psychiatry and cardiovascular disorders are increasingly repositioned in neurology and pain medicine. Drug repositioning is an item of great interest, and phenytoin is quite suited for repositioning. The patent-protected-repositioning of phenytoin as a topical cream creates a number of development advantages such as significantly reduced time to market and development costs.

Research and Drug Development Expertise

Drug research and development in the field of CNS disorders and autacoid medicine is our passion.
Many years we worked in this field and coached and supported the research and development of many new leads.

In 2017, together with the psychopharmacologist professor Stephen Stahl from the University of San Diego, USA we published an authoritative review on the critical issues in developing topical analgesics:

Keppel Hesselink JM, Kopsky DJ, Stahl SM. Bottlenecks in the development of topical analgesics: molecule, formulation, dose finding, and phase III designJ Pain Res. 2017; 10: 635-641.

The reference list below lists some additional publications from the hands of the founders of Topical Innovations, in field of drug repositioning and drug R&D.

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